My Story

I eat a whole foods plant-based diet limiting refined sugars and processed foods – eating foods as nature intended!

I haven’t always had a healthy relationship with food and still on my own journey to be at my healthiest and happiest. Teenage years seem to be the hardest in terms of peer pressure to look a certain way and I reached a stage where I wanted to be thinner which is when my relationship with food started to go downhill. I started to secretly weigh everything I ate down to the gram and weighed myself constantly to make sure I didn’t gain any weight. I counted my calories and ate very small portions. It was a good few months before my parents started to notice how much I was reducing my food intake and started to encourage me to eat more. It wasn’t until I was clinically underweight that I realised what I was doing to my body. I had considered studying dietetics as a career path and realised there was no way I could give out dietary advice while I was living with a negative relationship with food. This began my sudden realisation that something had to change; if I was going to go into a nutrition career I was going to have to sort myself out first.

This was when I started to read blogs and how I came across a plant-based diet. Firstly I went down the vegan path but for me it is not about eating the animal product alternatives but eating whole foods and gaining as much nutrition as possible. I like this quote:

“Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it”    – Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

I believe eating a plant-based diet is fighting disease.


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